Best Excuses For Missing Work

f:id:excusesforwork:20160515222227j:plainYou may be looking for excuses to skip work because you do not feel fit enough to get dressed for work and you are certain that your employer will not concede to your request for a day’s break from work. “Sick days” are needed when you are desperate for a few days break from the workplace. You may be feeling overburdened with pressures at the office and you feel that a couple of days at home can help to reenergize you enough to resume your official work. Usually the most effective sick day excuses are health related. May be using genuine looking fake doctor notes would support your excuse. You are most likely to get a day off if you inform your employer that you are unwell or that you must stay at home to look after some family member who is not well and needs constant care. You can take the help of any of these excuses to get off work for a couple of days:

  • You can say that you babysitter has failed to show up work and you cannot leave your children unattended at home alone.
  • You can call the office to say that your pet has met with an accident or is acutely sick and needs immediate hospitalization
  • Another convenient excuse to skip work is to inform the office that your car has broken down at a great distance from the workplace or that your car has met with an accident and you need to report it right away.
  • You can also say that your family member has been diagnosed with chicken pox and the doctor has advised you to stay at home to prevent spreading the infection.
  • Saying that you have slipped at your home and hurt yourself badly or twisted your ankle may easily get you’re a couple of days break from the office.
  • Another commonly used excuse to skip work is that you have had to bring your family member or a close friend for an emergency to the hospital and you must be around to take care of his treatment.
  • You may inform the office that you are suffering from an ear infection that has affected your balance; you are likely to slip and fall because of balance issues. This is enough to keep you at home for a few days. Alternately, you can also say that you have developed a pink eye and it may infect others around you if you come for work.
  • One of the best excuses to miss work is to cite diarrhea and vomiting as a result of possible food poisoning. It may be a good idea to ask another colleague to inform the office about your condition to make it sound even more credible.
  • You can also request for a day off by stating that you have to go to your child’s school to pick him up because he got into some kind of trouble or because he has suddenly fallen sick and needs to be taken to a doctor.
  • Finally, you can also say that since there has been a criminal activity in the locality, you have been asked to stay at home to respond to police queries.

These are the most commonly used and perhaps the most effective excuses to get off from work for a day or a couple of days. You should remember to use them only when you find that you are not in a position to attend office and you must stay at home to recover from the stresses of the workplace or if you must attend to some other social obligation for which you are not going to get a leave from work.